Tuesday, July 11, 2006

NIWeek is coming

In four weeks, NIWeek will be here. A post on the LAVA blogs has some good ideas on how to get the best out of NIWeek.

If you spot me at NIWeek, stop by and say hi. I'd love to chat about Embedded, FPGA, PDA, DSP, and other LabVIEW stuff (assuming I'm not already late to something). If you want to play "where's Joel", I'm publishing my NIWeek Calendar. Drop me an email if you want to chat and I'll try and set something up as my schedule firms.

See you there

Monday, July 10, 2006

Mourning the passing of LabVIEW Technical Resource

This isn't particularly timely but I wanted to belatedly express my gratitude to Karen Pape from the "LabVIEW Technical Resource" magazine. They closed their doors last year and their site no longer works. It was a great, no advertisements, periodical jam-packed with LabVIEW techniques from experienced LabVIEW developers. If you ever run across a copy laying on someone's desk, pick it up. You'll probably learn something.

You can still find some of the articles floating around the Internet.
* NI's site has some articles. Go to DeveloperZone and search for "labview technical resource"
* There is a CD for sale with 9 years of articles
* Many articles have been mirrored on the sites of their representative authors

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