Thursday, October 04, 2007

Some days you just have to shake your head

The organization just met in Austin and one of their conversations was on multi-core programming.  Some days, I just feel sorry for programmers stuck in the traditional embedded world. This is from an EE-times article:

"The inability of C/C++ code to parallelize coupled with its ubiquity throughout the embedded market is a major issue for multi-core going forward," Heikkila wrote in a follow up email to EE Times. "Any alternative parallel programming languages certainly won't materialize in the embedded market, but instead will more likely gain momentum in a more mainstream computing market before making its way into embedded applications," he added.

And more bad news for current developers

So far, engineers are giving embedded software a low grade of just 2.06 out of five in terms of its readiness for multi-core.

One day, they'll use LabVIEW....


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