Monday, July 10, 2006

Mourning the passing of LabVIEW Technical Resource

This isn't particularly timely but I wanted to belatedly express my gratitude to Karen Pape from the "LabVIEW Technical Resource" magazine. They closed their doors last year and their site no longer works. It was a great, no advertisements, periodical jam-packed with LabVIEW techniques from experienced LabVIEW developers. If you ever run across a copy laying on someone's desk, pick it up. You'll probably learn something.

You can still find some of the articles floating around the Internet.
* NI's site has some articles. Go to DeveloperZone and search for "labview technical resource"
* There is a CD for sale with 9 years of articles
* Many articles have been mirrored on the sites of their representative authors


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