Thursday, March 23, 2006

Site improvements

Back when I was six, I had newfangled handheld computers games that adults couldn't figure out. Between the ages of 12 and 16, it seemed no adult could stop a VCR from flashing "12:00". In the blogging world, I feel like my creaky grandfather. Someone says "Web 2.0" and I say "what?"

Anyway, there are some new little widgets that you might find useful

In the top right, there's a list of articles I've read recently that you might enjoy. They are updated semi-automagically as I surf so they should stay current. You might find the articles interesting. Hopefully it's more useful information that what I'm playing on my iPod.

There is now a way to get email whenever I post something for those of you who aren't much for my irregular schedule or don't use an RSS reader.

For those of you who do use a reader, I'd greatly appreciate it if you change over to my new feed. Feedburner gives me statistics on who's reading my blog. The more people I know are reading it, the more incentive I have to write more (is there anybody out there... out there... out there... echo... echo...)


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