Monday, December 05, 2005


As a developer, it's great to hear about new and interesting applications of LabVIEW. I remember a few years ago seeing on ABC news a story by the late Peter Jennings on a researcher giving movement to quadripalegics. The researcher monitored the brainwaves of the patient and used the patterns to send electrical impulses to the muscles of the patient. The patient could think to open or close his hand and the system would essentially be a replacement nervous system. He was able to open and close his hand, move his arm, and write his name. As the cameras panned across the equipment, LabVIEW was sitting there as the control system. It's very inspring to know that our efforts are resulting in change in the world.

I just heard about another system today that is impressive, just on sheer scale. The South African Large Telescope's control system was developed in LabVIEW. It's a system of over 10,000 VIs and allowed them to finish the telescope with many fewer programmers than if they had written the code in C. That's cool....

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