Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Embedded stuff at NIWeek

So if you are an NI customer, you probably know that NIWeek is next week. If didn't know NIWeek is next week, let me know and I will give our sales folks and PR department 50 lashes... This is your chance to come see what we've got up our sleeves and talk to the folks that designed and implemented all of these products. It was a lot of fun last year showing LabVIEW programming a Nintendo Gameboy-based robot, which was really a sneak-peak at the Embedded Development Module.

Embedded, DSP, and PDA presentations are all over NIWeek and, for those of you interested in running LabVIEW off the desktop, I encourage you to catch one or more of the following sessions:

Intro to the LabVIEW Embedded Development Module - 1:30pm Tuesday
Hands-On LaVIEW PDA Module - 2:45pm Tuesday (also 11:45am Wednesday)
Teaching with LabVIEW DSP - 4pm Tuesday

Keynote on Wednesday - you don't want to miss that one - 8:30am Wednesday
Embedded Processors and FPGAs as a Target Platform for LV Embedded - 1:30pm Wednesday
Hands On - Using LabVIEW Embedded with Blackfin Processors - 1:30pm Wednesday

Hands On - Using LabVIEW Embedded with Blackfin Processors - 10:30am Thursday
LabVIEW for Embedded Design - 11:45am Thursday

I'll be running around constantly for the next week. Maybe we should have a "meet the bloggers" night with the other bloggers at NI. There's a good chance I'll be wandering around the expo hall Wednesday after 5pm.

Speaking of Wednesday night, if you want to see a bunch of 11-year olds outsmarting experienced engineers, check out the RoboLab challenge. It's pretty amazing.


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