Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I know I've been a bad blogger and left you hanging for the last three weeks. It's only two weeks in work time due to a week long vacation in Prague in the Czech Republic. Prague is a beautiful city that was not bombed during World War II. You see interesting adornments on the building wherever you go. Everything is cheap by European standards. It was easily half the price of a vacation in London.

But I digress.. Last week was the Design Automation Conference. That conference is for people who make computer chips, the kind that take 10 weeks to bake in the fab before you get them back. It's a completely different world where they have to simulate everything up front because there is no possibility of even doing a component level prototype in the real world. Imagine it costing you a million dollars to fix a bug that you found in your code after your first build. That's the world they live in. However, it is an analog world at the bottom of it and LabVIEW does provide ways to help validate those designs, both in the simulation world and once the chip comes out.


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